Want to get hands on and learn some cake decorating skills?  Then this is where you need to be.  All our classes are held at our premises at Shop 9/16 Washington Avenue, Niagara Park.

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This class is a great introduction into cake decorating. After this class you will be able to create great masterpieces for your family and friends with the help of some basic skills. Here is what you will learn:
How to use the basic cake decorating tools
How to level a cake
How to ganache a cake
How to cover an 8” cake with fondant
How to make basic decorations and apply them to the cake.
This class includes an 8”cake ready to decorate, the ganache and the fondant needed to cover the cake and create the decoration to apply to the cake. It also includes the board to decorate the cake on and a box to take the cake home. Students have full use of all the tools, colours and necessary equipment needed to create their cake.
Duration: 4 hours



Want fantastic looking cupcakes for your special occasion?  We can show you how.  This class is a great introduction to decorating cupcakes with Buttercream.  Here is what you will learn:

How to make buttercream

How to colour and flavour buttercream

How to pipe different toppings for your cupcake x 6 designs

How to use piping bags and nozzles

This class includes 12 cupcakes ready to decorate and the buttercream needed to cover the cupcakes.  It also includes a box with insert to take your cupcakes home.  No need to bring anything with you (except an apron if you wish to cover up!)

Cost: $79

Duration: 3 hours


Watercolour cakes are on trend for 2017 and we can show you how to create a beautiful masterpiece. Topped with a handmade fondant rose, this cake is sure to wow your family and friends at your next special occasion. Learn how to prepare and cover your cake, watercolour paint it and make a fondant rose to adorn the top.
Duration: 5 hours (with break)


Want to learn how to create the ever popular semi-naked cake that you see everywhere on the internet at the moment? And would you like to learn how to prep your flowers for safe installation into your special occasion cake? Then this is the class for you. Create a 8″ x 3 layer cake with beautiful seasonal flowers to take home and enjoy with your family and friends.
Duration: 2.5 hours
Cost: $140


Everyone loves a tiffany blue box from that gorgeous jewellery store, don’t they?  Well come and learn how to create a yummy cake box with a fondant bow to finish it off.   Learn how to colour your fondant, cover your cake and work with fondant to create a gorgeous bow that will not drop.  


Time:  3hours


In this class you will have some fun creating whimsical forest animal fondant cupcakes. Here is what you will learn:  How to prep and cover your cupcakes in fondant, How to colour fondant, How to make fondant figurines and details for your cupcakes, How to use basic cake decorating tools

This class includes 12 cupcakes ready to decorate, the ganache and fondant needed to cover the cupcakes and make the decorations to apply to the cakes. It also includes a box with insert to take your cupcakes home.

Duration: 3.5 hours

Cost: $99